Thanks for Reading

This is the first blog since previewing last year’s All Ireland Quarter-Final.  I had started writing once or twice after that game, but the will or the interest just wasn’t there to finish anything.  In some ways, what I saw that day in August was more depressing than the hammering at the same stage in 2013.

So, I am not at all hopeful for the year ahead.  There has been no turnover in players from 2015 (nobody has ruled themselves out for the year so far at any rate), and indeed with the return of Rory Kavanagh, we are back to where we were in 2014, if not 2013.  This group of players owe us supporters nothing, but without some fresh legs and indeed some fresh thinking, it’s hard to see how Donegal will be a better team in 2016 than they were in 2015. Maybe that will happen.  Some players have been given extended breaks, and there is a five day away trip to Tenerife planned for mid February.  We have seen some new faces during the McKenna Cup, and while nothing of any significance can be drawn from January football, it’s good to see the pick of the underage talent from recent years involved.  Hopefully that continues during the league.

An away game in the first round of the Ulster Championship against either Fermanagh or Antrim looks like as good an opportunity to build up gradually than we have had since 2011 or 2012.  So that’s something.  But even then, we have had some bad days in Enniskillen in the not too distant past.  If we get over that game, a potential semi-final against Monaghan looms.  At least that game might not be in Clones.  But if we manage to make it to the Ulster Final for a sixth year in a row, I just have a bad feeling that Tyrone will finally get the better of us in the Ulster Championship. It’s been coming and they seem like they are on the rise again whereas it’s not clear where we are going.

Donegal start their 2016 Division One League campaign on Saturday night in Newry and I won’t be there.  I haven’t missed many games in the last few years, but I will miss plenty in the league this year.  At some point, life just gets in the way.  I always felt that to make a decent fist of this I needed to see the majority of the games myself.  So, that’s it for now, probably forever.  I have really enjoyed writing and will probably miss it, but I’d rather give it the full gun than make a half assed effort at it.  Thanks for reading, for tweeting, for correcting spelling mistakes and dodgy facts and thanks to the players for providing all of us with great memories.

Thanks most of all to Jim.

Until Victory, Always.


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