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Here we go….again

So Donegal start Championship 2010 at home to Down today. Not much is expected, which is no harm, but I can’t think of any result today that would surprise me. Down have been failing to deliver for nearly as long as Donegal have been maddeningly inconsistent. Donegal’s final appearance in the 2009 saw them concede 1-27 to Cork, and their final Division 2 game (when there was still everything to play for) saw them lose at home to Armagh by 14 points. The bar is low. The faces are much the same as 2009-Dermot Molloy is the only d├ębutante in a wearily familiar line-up-himself and Michael Murphy are the only players from the team that reached the All-Ireland U-21 final last month-and Barry Monaghan has returned from self-imposed exile, probably to play at centre back (nominally named at midfield). Tyrome lie in wait for today’s victors-and for 40 or so minutes last weekend showed that they still have what it takes to be the team that scaled the Croke Park steps in 2003, 2005 and 2008. I’m not confident that Donegal will meet them on June 19, but I’ll be happy enough to be proved wrong.